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Updated: Mar 12, 2021

While you are driving make sure you have useful tools that will help you stay safe and alert. These are 5 apps you can download to make your driving experience better.


This is a great app to help you not only navigate around town but also be prepared for unexpected road incidents. Users report real-time events such as police cars, traffic delays, detours, road hazards, and more.

Gas Buddy

This app allows you to find the gas pumps in your area with the lowest prices. Users report gas prices around your area allowing you to save a few cents per gallon. Now they even have deals in local stores where you can receive cashback for your purchases.

Android Auto & Apple Car play

These two apps are great to help you lessen your use of your phone while driving. They both include options for do not disturb and allow you to use the screen on your car for your maps and notifications. They also have voice-activated options to ensure you keep your hands on the steering wheel.


This is a great mileage tracker for you to be able to track trips for work. These logs are important to keep track of work miles that you can use for tax deductions.


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