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Accidents with Higher Monetary Compensation ⚠️

how can i obtain compensation for an accident?

All types of accidents happen, the most common are workplace accidents, motor vehicle accidents (motorcycle, truck, car), medical malpractice, and general personal injury accidents. At Perez Gurri Law Firm, our injury lawyers can take on any type of accident case, and we will always be willing to fight for your rights. Below, we will introduce you to the accident cases that can be worth the most money to our client.

Worker's Compensation:

Worker's compensation cases are the ones that are usually worth the least amount of money. In this situation, your employer should have insurance in place to protect their workers, which is workers' compensation insurance. If you make such a claim, your employer's insurance must pay for medical expenses and two-thirds of your lost wages.

This type of claim has a compensation limit that changes every year. This year the maximum you can receive is $966. The amount is calculated by taking into account the wages you were receiving and how much you were affected or how much your disability is after the accident.

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Motorcycle Accident:

motorcycle accident lawyers

The amount of compensation varies greatly, but can be thousands or even millions of dollars. The final result will depend on who was most at fault for the motorcycle accident, the evidence of your injuries (which is why it is important to see a doctor as soon as possible), and the other party's insurance coverage. That is to say, if the accident was against another vehicle and it has very little coverage, the amount you will receive will be less. If, on the other hand, the coverage of the other vehicle is very broad or your case is against the city, the amount of compensation may be much higher. It is best to have an Injury Lawyer to receive the best legal consultation.

Auto Accidents:

auto accident lawyers

The compensation received in these cases usually varies greatly, and also depends on different factors. In this case, the first insurance that comes in is the No-Fault Law. This insurance provides the person who suffered the accident with up to $50,000 to cover medical expenses, and up to $2,000 per month to cover lost wages, regardless of who was at fault for the accident.

After that, the amount will depend on the insurance of the other person involved. If, in addition, you file a lawsuit against the responsible party, workers' compensation can be very high. In this case, the severity of the injuries, the medical evidence and the experience of your injury attorney may define the value of your case. Remember that your immigration status does not prevent you from filing any of these claims.

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Premises Liability Cases:

These refer to falls in public places, private property, etc. In these cases, the most important thing is to contact a good lawyer quickly, since, if the accident in a public place was caused by a facility in poor condition, the longer it takes to initiate the case, the more time they have to fix the damage.

Third-Party Claims:

These are the cases that are usually worth the most money to our clients, and most often occur in workplace accident situations. A third-party claim can be filed when the accident was partially or completely the responsibility of a third party or entity, i.e., the general contractor or building owner.

Typically, buildings or construction sites under construction or remodeling have very broad insurance coverages, so compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering are usually higher.

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