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Driving Tips - Sharing the Road with School Buses

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

It's Back-to-School time and that means school buses carrying precious cargo will be flooding our Miami streets. It is imperative to follow the law when driving around school buses to ensure your safety and that of the kids onboard these vehicles.

Be watchful for children walking to and from bus stops in their communities. Children are often unpredictable and can cross the road unexpectedly especially when getting on or off their school bus. The first few weeks of back to school season are the most stressful because our entire community is slowly transitioning back to the routine, therefore, be extra careful when driving around school zones and residential areas.

  • In TWO LANE roads, cars traveling in both directions MUST STOP.

  • In MULTI LANE PAVED ACROSS roads cars traveling in both directions MUST STOP.

  • In DIVIDED HIGHWAY vehicles behind the bus MUST STOP, but vehicles traveling in the opposite direction can proceed with caution.

Stay safe and enjoy BACK TO SCHOOL SEASON!


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