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Florida Hurricane Season is in Full Swing; Are You Prepared?

According to a report released by researchers at Florida State University, the state of Florida has suffered upwards of $450 billion in property damage due to hurricanes since the beginning of the 20th century.  This has inevitably resulted in our state boasting some of the highest property value to windstorm damage ratios in the country.

With the 2014  hurricane season ripping and roaring across the Atlantic, our state is still riding an unbelievably lucky streak of having gone through 8 straight seasons without a landfall.  The last time that we suffered major property damage from a hurricane was in 2005; in fact, there were 3 hurricanes then, namely Dennis, Wilma, and Katrina.  Between all 3, these storms covered 98% of the landmass of south Florida and resulted in damages of upwards of $26 billion.

While meteorologists are not predicting storms to hit our area that are nearly as powerful, dramatic, and destructive as what we have seen in the past, they do predict that our streak of good luck may not last forever; and some suggest that it may soon be over.

Stock Up on Necessary Supplies

The National Hurricane Center informs us that the Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 through November 1 every year.  This hurricane season, it is extremely important that Florida residents take time to consider stocking up on hurricane supplies, including such things as:

  • Flashlights and extra bulbs;

  • Battery-operated radio;

  • Battery-operated lanterns;

  • Batteries;

  • Matches;

  • First aid kit;

  • Duct tape;

  • Rain gear;

  • Clock (wind-up or battery-powered);

  • Extra medicine;

  • Plastic garbage bags;

  • Fire extinguisher;

  • Scissors;

  • Can opener;

  • Clean clothes;

  • Extra blankets; and

  • Heavy gloves.

However, hurricane supplies are not the only issue of preparedness Floridians need to keep in mind as we deal with another season of extreme weather.

Be Sure to Check Your Insurance Policy

Hurricane insurance is one of the most important aspects of any Florida homeowner’s policy; the types of damage under those policies should be reviewed with your insurance broker on a yearly basis. Under Florida law, specifically Fl. Stat.Ann 627.0629, any insurers issuing residential property insurance policies are required to include hurricane windstorm coverage in those policies.

When examining an insurance policy, it is important to understand two specific aspects that are pertinent to hurricanes: hurricane coverage, and the term “windstorm.”

Hurricane coverage is provided to protect against loss or damage caused by a windstorm during a hurricane. This includes any damage to the interior of a building, or to property inside a building, caused by rain, snow, sleet, hail, sand, or dust if the direct force of the windstorm first damages the building, causing an opening through which rain, snow, sleet, hail, sand, or dust enters and causes damage.

Windstorm means any wind gusts, rain, wind, hail, tornadoes, or cyclones caused by or resulting from a hurricane that results in direct physical loss or damage to property.

Contact a Miami Attorney

As you can imagine, the insurance companies are obviously fielding calls all day from their customers who have also been impacted.  Thus, it is in your best interest to secure legal representatives who will take on your case and treat it with the utmost care and professionalism so it will not simply fall through the cracks.

Our firm has successfully assisted clients fight for the compensation they justly deserve, and we are ready to serve your needs in the greater Miami-Dade area. Contact the legal team at the PerezGurri Law Firm at (305) 661-1200 so we can discuss your available legal options if you are ever faced with the difficulties of the aftermath of hurricane storm damage.


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