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How can you increase the value in case of a fall downstairs? 💲

Falls from stairs frequently result in serious injury accidents, especially if the fall is from the top of the stairs. As we know, insurance companies do their best to lower the value of your case and pay less compensation. That is why today we share with you 5 keys to increase the value of your ladder fall case.

1. Take Photographs

accident photos for injury attorney

There are many people who have the idea that getting compensation is very simple when it is not. As mentioned above, insurance companies go to great lengths to prove that you were at fault or that you don't deserve compensation.

Therefore, you need as much evidence as possible for your case. Take pictures of the area where you work, the safety measures, the cleanliness conditions, etc.

This will be useful not only to prove that your work accident happened and that there were possible safety failures but, on many occasions, it will be useful to prevent your employer or boss from having the opportunity to say that you were not working there.

So try to constantly take pictures from different angles, not just on the day of the accident.

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2. See a Doctor Immediately

visit to doctor after fall down stairs

Medical evidence is what will add the most value to your ladder accident case. You should see a doctor immediately afterward, even if you think your injuries are not that serious. There are injuries that may appear days or months later and, in order to preserve your health, you will need compensation for medical expenses.

When you go to the doctor, you should say everything that bothers you, so that later the insurance companies cannot say that some injury appeared out of nowhere. Remember that the more medical evidence you have, the more compensation you can receive.

3. Continually Return to the Doctor

There should be a record that you continue to go to the doctors so that you can prove that your injuries exist.

So, until a settlement has been reached with the insurance companies or the amount of your compensation has been determined in court, continue to go to the doctor on a regular basis for the treatment of your injuries.

4. Opt for Surgery If Necessary

how to pay for surgery after an accident

Doctors offer a patient surgery until they are sure it is necessary, based on evidence such as the results of studies, x-rays, or MRIs. In the event that you are offered or told it is necessary, the best option is to have it.

Opting for surgery will not only help you recover your health faster and your quality of life many years from now will be better, but it is also very important evidence for your case. Surgery proves the severity of your injuries, and can greatly increase the amount of workers' compensation you will receive.

5. Hire An Experienced Injury Lawyer

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Hiring an injury lawyer who has years of experience, knows how to deal with insurance companies, knows how medical reports should be filed, and above all, has the ability to present your case in court in a way that favors you, is crucial.

The choice of your injury attorney is one of the aspects that can contribute to the final decision on your case. His or her reputation, equipment, and experience will influence the jury's or judge's verdict on your workers' compensation claim.

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