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How to hire a good Injury Lawyer in Miami? ⚖️

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When you need to hire a Miami personal injury lawyer, there are many law firms to choose from. Chances are you have never worked with a lawyer before. You may not know if the person you want to work with is any good. Here are some things to look for in a great injury lawyer.

They have experience with your type of case

As you are looking for a personal injury lawyer, you want to make sure they have experience with the type of case you are looking for. Personal injury covers many types of cases, including car accidents, slip and fall cases, dog bites, nursing home abuse and neglect, and product liability. Not every lawyer in Miami has experience with every type of case. Find someone who has handled your specific situation, as the laws and rules are slightly different from one type to another. An injury lawyer without a lot of experience in your situation may not be familiar with these rules or laws.

They have a proven history of winning or settling cases

Another important factor to look for in a great personal injury lawyer is the percentage of cases they have won or settled. Call and ask for this information. Then you can get an idea of the high and low ends of the spectrum. This helps you find someone with a proven track record of winning or settling cases. You want to know that before you proceed, especially if you are dealing with immediate pain, injury, or costs associated with your accident.

Their references speak highly of them

Before hiring an injury attorney, ask for references. These should include past clients, colleagues, and even other professionals who have worked with them, such as doctors or legal experts. You want to find someone whose references speak well of their skills and professionalism and have good things to say about them. Always be wary if a lawyer refuses to provide references or allow you to speak with them. They may not have people to vouch for them, which should be a red flag for you.

They are not afraid to take a case to trial

Always take the time to ask a personal injury lawyer if they will take a case to trial if the right settlement offer doesn't come through. Some injury lawyers rarely take a case to trial, or simply do not have the manpower to take the case to trial. As such, they may push for a settlement, even if the number is lower than they think you should get. You want an attorney who is not afraid to take your case to court.

No fee unless you win

Finally, be sure to ask them how payment works. A successful personal injury lawyer is so confident in their abilities to win your case, they will not charge you a fee unless they win your case. Beware of lawyers who always charge an upfront fee, even if they lose your case.

So how do I know if an Injury Lawyer is good?

It is important to select the right personal injury lawyer from the beginning of your case. They play an important role in gathering evidence, guiding your medical treatment and working to settle your case. If you are already working with an attorney you are unhappy with, you always have the option to fire them.

However, they may be able to place a lien against your case and recover money for the work they have done from any settlement or award you are given.

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