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Hurricane Season 2019 - Supply Checklist

Hurricane Season 2019 Florida - Supply Checklist
Hurricane Season 2019 Florida - Supply Checklist

Property Damage in Florida:

Miami is one of the most vulnerable US cities to flooding. According to USA Today, the total properties at risk of hurricane damage are 791,1775 with a value of reconstruction cost of properties of $157.7 billion. Therefore, a major hurricane could cause large financial damages.

As of June 12, 2018, the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation reports 823,723 residential property claims were made for Hurricane Irma. Total insured losses were estimated at $9,701,252,056. Miami-Dade, Monroe, Collier, and Broward county were some of the Florida counties with the highest total claims made.

Take Steps to Secure Safety:

Insure U, an online resource from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, suggests steps to take before, during, and after a storm. First, it’s important to have a plan and know your community’s designated evacuation routes. Next, prepare your home and car, store insurance information in a secure waterproof space and keep contact information for your insurance company/agent on hand. Make any evacuations early. During the storm stay informed and protect yourself. After the storm, be cautious, photograph any property damage, and be alert to fraud, as home repair fraud is common after a major storm.



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