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What are the most common accidents? ☀️

most common accidents in miami

Most common causes of accidents to avoid

When you're out having fun, the last thing on your mind is an accident. But accidents happen suddenly and can cause injury or even death. From swimming to biking, these are the most common accidents that happen, here are some tips to try to avoid them.

Electric skateboard accidents

skateboarding accidents

Electric scooters are a quick and easy way to get around, but they also pose certain risks that could cause serious injuries. Some of the main causes of electric scooter accidents are:

  • Mechanical defects.

  • Road hazards, such as potholes or debris.

  • Electric skateboard users trying to avoid a collision with a pedestrian, bicyclist, car, or another electric skateboard.

  • Falls are caused by skateboards and other recreational vehicles left in the user's path.

  • Passengers of vehicles open the door and strike the user of a passing electric skateboard.

  • Drivers of vehicles turning or reversing and striking a skateboard user.

Safety tips for riding electric skateboards

If you like to ride electric skateboards, here are some things you should and shouldn't do to keep yourself safe:

  • Always wear a helmet.

  • Wear protective gear, such as elbow pads, knee pads, and brightly colored reflective clothing after dark.

  • Do not wear headphones to pay attention to your surroundings.

  • Do not talk on the phone or send text messages.

  • Do not ride while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • Do not ride the electric scooter on sidewalks or pedestrian walkways.

  • Do not ride an electric scooter on highways.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children under 16 years of age should not operate electric scooters, as they may be too young to operate them safely.

Aquatic accidents

accidents in the water

Whether you enjoy swimming in pools, beaches, or lakes, it is essential to be aware of potential hazards that could cause drowning. Some of the most common causes of aquatic accidents are:

  • Not knowing how to swim well.

  • Lack of barriers, such as fences around pools.

  • Lack of adult or lifeguard supervision.

  • Not wearing proper safety equipment, such as life jackets or flotation devices for children.

  • Swimming under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Swimming safety tips

Before going swimming, keep these safety tips in mind to avoid accidents:

  • Take professional swimming lessons to learn to swim or improve your technique.

  • Have safety equipment such as life jackets and emergency kits on hand.

  • Do not drink alcohol or use drugs.

  • Never swim alone.

  • Don't jump in headfirst where there is little cover.

  • Keep the area around the pool clear and remove obstacles of any kind, such as toys or gardening equipment.

Bicycle accidents

bicycle accidents

Whether you ride a bicycle for exercise or leisure, bicycle accidents are very common during the summer. Some of the main causes of bicycle accidents are:

  • Drivers who do not yield to bicyclists.

  • Drivers who drive recklessly, hitting a cyclist.

  • Drivers who drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • Drivers who lose control of their vehicle.

  • Reckless drivers invade the bicycle lane and cut off cyclists.

  • Drivers who overtake in a dangerous manner.

  • Distracted driving.

An accident can also happen because of dangerous conditions on the road itself, such as slippery pavement, potholes, holes, debris, or other obstacles that can cause you to lose control of your bicycle.

Bicycling safety tips

Avoid accidents when riding your bike to stay injury-free. Here are some tips to stay safe:

  • Wear a helmet and protective gear, such as knee and elbow pads.

  • Wear reflective and brightly colored clothing.

  • Make sure your bicycle has reflectors.

  • Ride in the same direction as traffic, not in the opposite direction.

  • Obey all signals.

  • Always assume that drivers cannot see you.

  • Stay alert and anticipate potential hazards.

Pedestrian accidents

Pedestrian accidents

Sidewalks and crosswalks are designed to keep pedestrians safe, but, unfortunately, pedestrian accidents happen more often than you think. Some of the leading causes of pedestrian accidents are:

  • Drivers hitting pedestrians due to bad weather.

  • Drivers speeding.

  • Drivers who do not turn on their lights when it is dark.

  • Drivers who drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • Distracted driving by talking on the phone, texting or changing the radio station.

Pedestrian safety tips

Pedestrians can safely share the road with other vehicles by following these safety tips:

  • Never cross the street if the traffic light is yellow or red.

  • Always use designated crosswalks.

  • Use sidewalks whenever available. If there are no sidewalks, walk facing traffic.

  • Always look left, right, and left again before crossing the street.

  • Make sure there are no vehicles turning left or right.

  • Never assume that a vehicle is going to stop for you.

  • Stay alert and do not use headphones while walking.

Motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents

Because motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles and riders do not have the protection of airbags or seat belts, motorcycle accident victims can suffer serious injuries. Here are some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents:

  • Drivers who change lanes suddenly.

  • Drivers or passengers of vehicles who open the door of a parked vehicle and get in the way of a motorcyclist.

  • Drivers who do not respect the speed limit.

  • Drivers driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • Drivers who stop suddenly.

  • Inexperienced drivers.

Riding errors are not the only cause of motorcycle accidents. A motorcyclist can be injured in an accident due to poor signaling, malfunctioning traffic lights, inconspicuous road signs or bad weather conditions.

Auto Accidents

A car accident can happen at any time. However, during the summer, there are many more cars on the road, increasing the chances of accidents. Car accidents occur when drivers are involved in an accident:

  • They drive distracted, whether texting, talking on the phone, or changing the radio station.

  • Driving while fatigued.

  • They drive recklessly, such as speeding or not maintaining the proper safe distance from other vehicles.

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • Fail to obey traffic signals.

Other causes of car accidents are bad weather conditions, malfunctioning traffic lights, inconspicuous signs, or defective car parts.

Driving safety tips

Drivers can decrease the chances of auto accidents by:

  • Take a defensive driving course.

  • Avoid texting or talking on the phone while driving.

  • Obey speed limits.

  • Obey traffic signals.

  • Always wear seat belts.

  • Always use proper signals when turning left or right.

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