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Parents Sue Florida Power Company Over Death of Their Son

Last month, a Miami teenager tragically died from electrocution near a Miami community park. The accident occurred after the 17-year-old boy jumped a fence at Kinloch Park in order to retrieve a ball. Unfortunately for the boy, a neighboring power station is located across the fence. Florida Power & Light operated the power station located next Kinloch Park.

Staff at the park reported hearing a loud explosion. Thereafter, park staff noticed a crowd gathering near the fence that borders the neighboring power substation. Park staff went to investigate and saw the body of the boy who had tried to jump the fence. The boy’s body was located fairly deep into the substation. Witnesses who saw the accident said that the boy’s body had been set on fire.

Apparently, other kids in the area have been known to jump the fence. One boy said that the “fence is really short” and other kids could jump, and have jumped, over the fence. There are warning signs at the site, but these signs have not deterred other children from climbing the fence and going into the neighboring station.

Following the accident, the boy’s family wanted the park removed because of the substation. Furthermore, a petition had been started to increase the safety measures in order to keep children away from the neighboring power station. In response to the tragic death, the Florida Power & Light Company released a statement stating that the company would “work with local authorities as they complete their investigation. In addition, the company also stated that the fence actually exceeds national safety code standards. According to the company’s statement, “the substation is surrounded by a fence along with barbed wire, measuring more than seven feet high.” As expected, the company reiterated that public and employee safety is one of the company’s core values.

Boy’s Parents File Lawsuit Over Son’s Death, Claim Florida Power Company Is Liable

The parents of the boy have now decided to take legal action against Florida Power & Light. The parents have filed a lawsuit against the company to recover damages in connection with their son’s death and to prevent a similar death happening in the future.

The lawsuit claims that the Florida Power & Light Company negligently maintained the fence and the parents believe that the company is responsible for their son’s death. The lawsuit claims that the company knew that objects routinely went over the fence and that children often climbed over the fence to retrieve objects. In this regard, the company apparently “had the ability to foresee the significant and potentially deadly zone of risk that was created by its proximity to Kinloch Park, and a concomitant history of easy access to the Kinloch substation.”

The parents believe that the company had a responsibility to take additional precautions to make the fence safer, notwithstanding whether the fence may have complied with national safety standards. The family seeks damages in excess of $15,000 against Florida Power & Light to compensate them “for damages, costs, interest and such further relief as is just and proper, for the estate of the descendent and its survivors.”

Contact a Miami Wrongful Death Attorney

If a family member has died as a result of someone’s negligent or reckless conduct, you may be able to recover damages on your behalf and on behalf of the deceased. A Miami wrongful death attorney at the Perez-Gurri Law Firm can advise you of your rights and the potential value of your damages. Contacta Miami wrongful death attorney today for a free initial consultation. We want to make sure that you recover the damages you deserve.


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