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Serious Injuries in Accidents - How an Injury Lawyer can help you

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In traffic accidents, especially when pedestrians or motorcyclists are involved, serious injuries occur with a special transcendence for the lives of the victims and their families, as well as for the whole society in general.

Given the complexity of correctly assessing the different types of compensation that arise, it is essential to have a lawyer specialized in traffic accident claims, who directs and coordinates the different professionals who must intervene, such as doctors of different specialties: traumatologists, neurologists, psychiatrists, experts specialized in the valuation of bodily injury, auditor-accountant or accident reconstruction experts, among others.

It is also of vital importance to have a team of lawyers covering different specialties, mainly criminal and civil lawyers since it is frequent that the claim has its origin in a criminal proceeding and due to the course of events ends up being substantiated in a civil proceeding for claiming an amount.


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An intense work must be carried out from the moment of the accident, in order to determine, firstly, the responsibility of the accident and later the extent of the injuries and the limitations that it entails for the activities of your ordinary life, as well as the implication that it has for your relatives. Among others, the following must be accredited:


Injuries which, once the healing treatment has been completed and all therapeutic possibilities have been exhausted, persist and are determined to be of a permanent or definitive nature, producing a decrease or psychophysical alteration in the injured party which may even result in the incapacity for work, depending on the degree and severity:

Extreme severity

The victim becomes a dependent person after the healing of his injuries. Most of the daily actions cannot be performed alone and, therefore, he loses a large part of his autonomy. He is unable to return to work and will need daily assistance.

High severity

Although he is unable to carry out some essential daily tasks, he is able to do some others. This is also linked to the inability to perform a trade, absolutely.

Medium severity

In this case, the dependence of the affected person is partial, being able to perform a wide variety of tasks. However, he/she will not be able to perform some of the activities related to his/her own personal development. This results in total permanent incapacitation. The victim will no longer be able to perform the work he/she usually performed but may be able to perform others.

Mild severity

The after-effects are not as serious as in the previous cases. This means that the standard provides for two situations. On the one hand, that the damage caused affects some specific tasks of personal development. And, on the other hand, that the injury affects the way in which he/she carries out his/her job.


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A temporary injury is one that affects the subject for a specific period of time. After this temporary interval, the person recovers his normal capacity and is able to go about his daily life without any problems. Thus, the regulation provides for four different cases:

Very serious impairment

This refers to cases in which the injured person loses, temporarily, almost all of his or her personal autonomy to perform a wide range of tasks. This loss will entail the need for help with basic tasks such as eating, dressing, moving around... Based on the scale, admission to Intensive Care Units or dependence on third parties to stay alive may be specified directly.

Serious injury

This describes those situations in which the person, even having temporarily lost a large part of his or her autonomy, can perform some of the daily tasks. The difference with the previous one is the moderation at the time of depending on other people, without being too high or too low. Likewise, it may happen that the injured person can go to work, but not carry out activities relevant to his or her personal development.

Moderate impairment

In this case, the possibility of the affected person to carry out a large part of the activities related to his personal development is highlighted. However, there are still difficulties to perform a compendium of important tasks. The period of time that he/she is forced to remain on sick leave due to temporary disability would fit within this impairment.

Basic impairment

When none of the previous types are present, but the person is in the process of healing, this case is foreseen.


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The injury lawyer is in charge of directing the claim process from the first moment, working to determine the guilty party for the damages suffered and coordinating the various professionals involved in accrediting the damages suffered, from the valuation of the days of the healing process in its most appropriate degree to the type of sequel and its extent, graduating them correctly according to the current regulations.

The repercussions for the victim's working life should not be overlooked, with the possible recognition of a partial, total, or absolute incapacity for work, or the recognition of a major injury.

The state in which the victim is left also produces some patrimonial losses derived from his professional activity that will have to be correctly quantified, it is what is called the loss of profit or patrimonial damage that can derive from a loss of opportunity or emergent damage.

There are many compensation items that will have to be worked on in order to accredit them properly, including the assistance of third parties, which is sometimes perpetual.

Given the complexity of this type of claim, the most advisable thing to do is to count on the services of a qualified injury lawyer who coordinates the work of all the professionals that are necessary to accredit the compensatory items that correspond to you according to Law.

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