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Why do personal Injury Lawsuits take so long? ⌚

Personal injury claims can vary widely from case to case

If you are thinking about filing a claim with a personal injury attorney, the first thing on your mind may be the number of damages you may be due. After that, you are probably wondering how long the entire process will take. The truth is that there is no set amount of time that a personal injury case takes and no injury lawyer will be able to give you more than an estimate. However, while it is true that no two cases are alike, there are several factors that can lengthen the length of time your claim may take. Among them are:

You have not reached your maximum medical improvement (MMI)

No reputable personal injury lawyer would recommend that his or her clients accept less money than they are entitled to in order to close a case. But to get the settlement you deserve, sometimes you have to wait a few months until your injuries reach Maximum Medical Improvement status. This legal term means that your injuries have been established and you can proceed with the case. Also note that if you accept an offer before your Maximum Medical Improvement, you cannot ask for more money after your case is closed.

Failure of the other attorney or the insurance company to cooperate

The other attorney and the insurance company will do everything possible to deny, delay and devalue your claim. They will try to delay producing documents or other requested evidence in the hope that you will tire and accept a lower settlement.

The potential compensation is a substantial sum.

When it comes to a high settlement amount, most insurance companies will do a thorough investigation of every detail and aspect of your case before paying you your settlement. Many times, insurance companies drag out these investigations with the goal that you will get tired and accept compensation for a lower amount. In contrast, an injury attorney can make the process simpler by giving you everything you need to get the best possible compensation.

The complexity of your claim

If there are multiple people and/or entities involved in your accident, or your case requires expert witness statements, having to subpoena so many people can add to the time it takes for your case.

The process takes time

Even if your case does not go to trial after you file your lawsuit, the discovery phase, depositions, pre-trial motions, and mediation or arbitration sessions will add weeks, even months to the timeline of your personal injury claim.

Time and money are two of the most important factors in your personal injury case

Given how complex the legal process can be, it is important to hire the best legal representation on your road to recovery. A skilled attorney can not only shorten the time your case may take, they can also help you reach a better settlement.

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