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Public Bus Accident Attorneys

Bus Accident Perez Gurri Law

Public transportation is a growing form of transportation in South Florida. Public bus accidents are occurring at a greater frequency than ever before. Typically a public bus is owned and operated by a county or municipality.The operator of a public bus has all the rights and duties of an operator of a private bus. In other words the standard of care for the operator/owner of a public bus is no different than that of a private bus operator.

Public Transportation Accidents

The operator of the public bus will be held responsible for the negligent operation of the bus. In the case of a public bus, the doctrine of “Sovereign Immunity” applies, and the operator/owner of the bus is afforded the protection of Sovereign Immunity.

If you or someone you care about was recently involved in a public bus accident, it is very important that a thorough investigation of the accident and all facts surrounding it be conducted as soon as possible. It is important to preserve as much evidence of the accident as possible. If not, the evidence can be lost and/or destroyed. Having evidence and legal representation can make all the difference in your ability to receive fair and adequate compensation for your damages.

Bus Accident Perez Gurri Law

How can a Miami Public Bus Accident Attorney help you?

The Perez-Gurri Law Firm will handle all aspects of your injury case. We will explain the law to you and how it affects your case. You should consult with an attorney who can advise you of your rights and the potential value of your damages.

What to do after a Public Bus Accident:

Take photographs of all vehicles involved

Report Accident to the Police


Take photographs of all visible injuries​

Do not speak to anyone but your attorney

​​Obtain the name and phone number of all witnesses

Obtain immediate medical attention

Bus Accident Perez Gurri Law

You should consult with an attorney who can advise you of your rights and the potential value of your damages. Like in automobile accidents, it is very likely that an insurance company adjuster or investigator will attempt to contact you and obtain your statement before you have had an opportunity to speak with an attorney. It is always recommended that you speak to an attorney before you speak with a representative from an insurance company.

Damages You Can Recover from Public Bus Accidents

-Payment of medical bills

-Payment of lost wages


-Payment of lost services

-Payment for loss of earning capacity

-Payment for physical pain and suffering

-Payment for emotional pain and suffering


Bus Accident Perez Gurri Law
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